Dhyaana means awareness. And did you know that its also the origin of the word Zen?


When I returned from a monastic stint, I came up with the idea of having a space where everyone could come and experience the life of wellbeing that exists in a monastery. Without any of the rituals or religious strappings of a monastery. Soon, I found the place and started manifesting my dream. We will open door to guests in April 2020. Till then, here are some videos of the place.


Along the way, I met a bunch of people passionate about wellbeing and we came together to set up the Dhyaana Studio in Bangalore. Do you love yoga? Love meditation? Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing?Positive energy? Then you must visit us! 




The upcoming Dhyaana retreat in Denkanikottai, 90 mins drive from Bangalore


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