Dhyaana means awareness. And did you know that its also the origin of the word Zen?


When I returned from a monastic stint, I came up with the idea of having a space where everyone could come and experience the life of wellbeing that exists in a monastery. Without any of the rituals or religious strappings of a monastery. Soon, I found the place and started manifesting my dream. We will open door to guests in Jan 2019. Till then, here are some videos of the place.


Along the way, I met a couple of likeminded guys who then went on to co-found with me, the Dhyaana Cafe and Yoga Studio in Bangalore. Do you love yoga? Love meditation? Positive energy? Healthy and yummy food made in a cool yogic way? Then you must visit us! 




The upcoming Dhyaana retreat in Denkanikottai, 90 mins drive from Bangalore


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