Beautiful mindfulness session in scenic Lonavla

'Searching Inside Yourself' in Bangkok

Speaking on 'Creativity and Mindfulness' at the 1st Business World Wellbeing Summit in Delhi in December, 2018

A beautiful experience teaching this diverse and multicultural group in Africa!

The power of collective mindfulness can be truly uplifting as this large corporate group is experiencing.

Mind full or mindful is the question!

Nature. One of the best portals to mindfulness. Consciousness.

Meditation can be great fun as this corporate group discovered!

Love makes the world go around! After a compassion meditation.

Teaching the Search Inside Yourself public program at the iconic BSE along with my dear friend & colleague, Richard Fernandez (CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute)

Smaller groups get to bond deeply in mindfulness sessions

A special session on Mindful Eating for this bunch of passionate foodies!

Relaxed. Alert. And deeply aware. Like a cat waiting outside a mouse hole!

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