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Participant testimonials from SIY Mumbai 2018

I have been practicing alone for last several years and I am convinced and aware that mindfulness practices always work. What happened in SIY was the beautiful impact of doing these practices with a like-minded group and the amazing experience of being led! Talking and sharing and the feeling of shared humanity made mindfulness real.

- Participant A



Gopi's guided meditation literally transported me to a different world and made me calmer and live in the moment. And he helped me achieve my single objective of attending the workshop- to be a ' Mindful Listener' and have ' Mindful Conversations'. - Participant B



Gopi was also well composed, organized and had smooth flow. He had gel well connection with Rich. His ability of story telling was exemplary. His Voice and Meditation practiced he conducted created an appeal. He has right conduit to connect with larger group of audience. His pauses were mesmerizing and profound. He always kept the pace intact. His ability and voice modulation was as required for the topic. He like Rich was able to build a good rapport with audience. - Participant C


I attended the two day SIY program conducted by Gopi Krishnaswamy and Rich Fernandez in Mumbai in 2017. The program was really stimulating in terms of making me think, reflect and feel deeply about so many aspects of life. 

The program was not merely theoretical but engaging because of the practices.  The best part was that we got to experience the outcome of the practices right there and then. Almost like a teaser-trailer of what it feels like in mind and body to be mindful even of for half a minute! The loving kindness practice was for me the most powerful, especially in the group set up and is not to be missed! Also the program made people truly open up. That vulnerability was such a humane and humbling experience. Something we don’t experience in day to day busy life where we wear masks and rush around life. The sense of feeling safe and supported is a tribute to the program and to the facilitators. SIYLI is based on sound science. Resources, material and presentations were impactful. The invaluable teachings and practices continue to support me in my mindfulness journey personally and professionally. - Participant D


SIY helped me with the link that can help us bring eastern spiritual practices into the corporate world and be applied - Participant E



People still have the misconception that mindfulness is something for passive people or it is something that works only in retreats and is something one does in one's downtime. They think it is not something you can include when deadlines go whizzing past your ears and you have multiple issues at work. But the SIY program showed that mindfulness is part of everyday life...just as much as breathing! Mindfulness helps and HOW! - Participant F