"Thanks Gopi for the finest program at Mindful Leader Conclave 2018 in Delhi. Truly it was a blissful experience to be in your half day session. As they say that its more important for a teacher to be "Who He Is?" You truly embody the teachings and your focus on the experiential aspect of learning makes the class even more livelier. Thanks again and look forward to interacting again in future."

Sandeep Singh




"Ive known Gopi for 2 years now and his passion for practicing and spreading mindfulness is admirable. I still use some of the techniques he has taught me and they are a powerful way to keep myself grounded and in the moment."

Shankar Srinivasan

Start-up founder


"Gopi is an inspiring mindfulness teacher. He gets his students to experience the benefits of the practice quickly, and then explains why it actually works. This along his calming presence which in itself acts as a goal post for new students makes the sessions he conducts quite effective."

Ankit Jain

Start-up founder


"Extremely beneficial workshop and teaches a lot about slowing down in today's world. I learned quite a bit on how one can incorporate smaller practices in our daily lives to improve our daily routines. Very well managed workshop and very helpful."
Apoorvi Mehta
Senior Corporate Manager


"I used to be very stressed earlier. Since attending the mindfulness workshop I find I’m much calmer and my responses to people are so much better!"
Jumana Seth


"Attending Gopi's session and practicing mindfulness for me has been a true blessing. I now feel aware, light and at so much ease nowadays."
Srinivas V